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Harmless Fun on 12.12.12 ( December 12, 2012 )


Last night, my parents were kind enough to share some booze. And I was insane enough to use it as an excuse to free the ferocious. I had fun, and it was sweet and safe. I played with three different flames, and didn't get burnt. The world must really be ending. I'm starting to breathe the fearless air. I'm beginning to sink, and my hang-over has never been this unkind and sincere.

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Good Out Of Bad ( December 11, 2012 )


When you are depressed, stressed and feeling lonely and incapable, you tend to remember the person you care, or cared about, no matter how far he is or how much he broke you. And ironically, you skip the ugly details and linger on the beautiful ones. Somehow you know your limit. Somehow you feel the need to keep the balance. Instead of further wrecking your thoughts with bitter memories, you hold on to the blissful parts of the past because somehow it's a better place, than where you are right now... And it's good, and bad, at the same time.

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A Test of Fire ( December 10, 2012 )


No I ain't gonna tell my best friend, not anyone, not now.. Not until I've finally outgrown and outrun this mad phase. I have to get out of this alive. And I have to do this on my own.

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The Mighty Falls ( December 9, 2012 )


Today, a very sad and unfortunate event brought a lesson of all time. Philippines' greatest boxer, a world-class sports man and the highly respected and admired People's Champ has fallen. He was at his peak, all might and glory and was indestructible and phenomenal, but just like any ordinary man, he fought and he failed. And what makes him more human is his humility, his acceptance of a defeat deemed unbelievable by many. Like him, we rise, we fall and we crumble all hell to rise again.

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The "T" Word ( December 8, 2012 )


I say the word "tired" maybe more than ten times a day, and the digit doubles when I'm extremely pissed or extra-stressed and hyper-depressed. Very unfortunate and most often, my son hears me say it. Sometimes, he gives me this all-knowing look and it's too late for me shift mood, or expression. So last night I made a promise to my son, and myself. I promised to lessen the use of the "T" word and to devote more time and patience raising my very active son. Because the more I say the phrase "I'm tired!", the more I feel it.

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