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The Gift of Time ( December 22, 2012 )


Time is of the essence so they say. While we have it, it seems abundant. When we don't, we wish to get all the lost back. It ends. It expires. It vanishes like any breath of life. And we can never, ever have it again. It is lost, and only imagined.

Today, I got a gift- a watch. I asked why. "You need more time", you said. I guess the only moment we can say it's never too late for us is when the clock stops ticking, time going off...the world not turning.

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The Guy from Grade School ( December 21, 2012 )


He was a bully back in grade school. We didn't have any communication in high school or college. When I was working and was already in a relationship, he tried to court me. I didn't like him so I said it's not going to work out. After almost four years, we're back to saying hello to one another. Now, I don't want to be wrong, or to hurry too much. I'm just lonely and he's trying to be sweet..

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If Tomorrow is the End ( December 20, 2012 )


I'm not a believer of the Mayan calendar, or Nostradamus's predictions, but tonight, I am feeling the urge to entertain the thought of the world ending tomorrow. Everyone has been talking about it, and for a long time I haven't really thought about it, until tonight. Before my baby came to my life, I wasn't so afraid to die. Now he's the reason I am living and the source of my fear for death and endings. But what if the end of the world is really tomorrow? What will I do? I look at my little boy playing so joyfully, smiling peacefully, a creature of pure beauty.. Then I shut the thought of endings and think of the life I'd love to spend with my son in more tomorrows.

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Booziefied ( December 19, 2012 )


As expected, with my head bouncing in endless thoughts, my feet on the cold floor and my belly being filled with booze, I did what I've been so good at- I escape.

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It's Okay... Not! ( December 18, 2012 )


Again, I am but uncertain, and clueless as to what phase I'm in. It's been a space shuttle ride- crazy fast, upside-down, head-banging and wit-vanishing. I no longer weep at night. I smile at myself sometimes. I'd like to think I'm fine. I'd like to believe it's okay. But at the end of every light, every whisper of goodnight and the far promise of tomorrow's sight, I know, and I feel that it's not Okay..

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