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Evil Red ( December 27, 2012 )


Sorry bottle of semi-sweet red.. I underestimated you. After soaking into a liter of your innocent, mocking delight, I die and all else burst in madness. I don't know if tomorrow shall come.. Maybe I don't want to.

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Cold and Beautiful ( December 26, 2012 )


And just as December freezes the breeze,
And showers the warm earth with drops of cold molten salt..
I will look into your eyes and embrace the edge of emptiness.
I will taste your tears, and miss your lips.
I will blow stone kisses and wish on a hollow sky..
And just as December bestows the most beautiful promises of fondness,
I will burst into pieces, and mend into crystal.

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Third Christmas ( December 25, 2012 )


I have another Christmas wish.. Besides healing, I would like to ask for more patience, and more love for the gift of motherhood...
Today, Euwy and I are celebrating our 3rd Christmas together, and I'm forever in awe and gratitude to heavens who gave me the best christmas gift ever three years ago. I just wish things were easier for Euwy..and me, so I can function better as a mother. Merry Christmas little boy! Happy birthday Jesus!

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A Night Before Christmas ( December 24, 2012 )


After a bottle of red, and maybe five bottles of beer, I sink into the Christmas eve fever. I tried very, very hard, to find peace in my nothingness, and to hope for a possible happiness. Merry Christmas eve to my bleeding heart. Please heal real soon. Maybe tomorrow..

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Ruins ( December 23, 2012 )

Beaten HeartA.JPG

It's been a year, exactly, today when I found out the ugliest truth of my life. Yes, two days before Christmas, you broke the silence and my exhausted heart. I still couldn't believe how you were able to destroy the love I thought we were both fighting for. I don't want to have to spend another Christmas, crying in between the merry making, the laughter and the sharing of gifts, having only one wish in my heart..that I will heal soon.

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