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New Year, New Fears ( January 1, 2013 )


And so it is 2013. New life. New hope. New beginnings. New plans. New dreams. New struggles. New year.. New fears. The fear of not knowing what tomorrow brings, or if it shall ever come.. It all boils down to what we must do while we have TODAY.. Happy New Year! I hope I am ready.

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The Year of Madness ( December 31, 2012 )


Tomorrow, a new year shall come and before that happens, I'd like to thank the year that was - the year of mad happenings and twisted stories, my 2012. Thank you 2012 for so many great and ugly things you let me endure. Thank you for being equally painful and rewarding. Thank you for letting me go beyond my limits and face my ancient fears. You were unforgiving and sweet. You were sarcastic and truthful. You were rough and fulfilling. You were rude and uplifting. You were a surprise, and now a past. Thank you so much!

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Amazing Baby ( December 30, 2012 )


I've always thought and assumed that all the drastic changes would mostly affect my little innocent boy. I was so wrong. My baby's adaptability took me by surprise. I never imagined how after all the happiness and love he poured me, he could still give more. So to my one and only amazing baby, thank you. I love you so much more.

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All the Bliss and Lights ( December 29, 2012 )


Today, we went to Ayala Triangle Courtyard to witness the lights show. My little boy had to see it. His eyes widened, and glimmered as the show began. It was very entertaining, heart-warming and somewhere I felt my soul burst in bliss. I am happy tonight. I've never been this uncertain, and joyful..

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Risk to the Ruins ( December 28, 2012 )


And so today, I did the biggest gamble of my life and it felt like I'm winning..by losing and by understanding the weight of my ancient defeat. I don't feel brave just yet.. But I am free.

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