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Crazy Little Thing Called Forgiveness ( January 6, 2013 )


Yes, I blame it on love, and all its non-sense. I've gone stupid and I know it just won't end. But forgiveness is another thing. It heals. It accepts. It makes room for change. It makes someone see differently, feel freely and believe in second chances. It's crazy how it mends the broken, how it eases the pain and how it turns an ugly beginning into a possible happy ending. Yes, I have forgiven and it made sense- crazy but a lot of sense type of craziness.

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Parks, Playground, Father and Son ( January 5, 2013 )


After one week, my son is starting to establish a relationship with his dad. Today, we went to the park and the play ground and watched our son run, play and be a little boy spending quality time with his family, his very own. He got so tired he fell asleep as soon as we reached home. We were exhausted as well. But no exhaustion can burst the bubbles of happiness we all three shared today. When I saw my boys walking hand in hand, I smiled and thanked the Lord for the lovely day I thought we would never have.

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The First Week ( January 4, 2013 )


I almost didn't notice. It's been seven days since I made the biggest, scariest and most surprising decision of my life. And yes, it wasn't all fun. I'd like to think it's heaven and hell at the same time. I am happy and lonely. I am complete, or so I thought. I miss my family. I am building my own, and it's just painful I couldn't have the best of both worlds.

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HomeSick ( January 3, 2012 )


I've missed home ever since we left. My son does too, and would sometimes throw tantrums as he beg for us to go back to the shelter he's been used to. Whenever he cries crazy because of homesickness, I feel a twitch in my heart. I feel guilt. I feel insufficient. I feel more sad. Maybe this is what I wanted, a family of my own. But sometimes, I feel like I've sacrificed my son's comfort and happiness for mine... I really hope I'm wrong.

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Choices and Consequences ( January 2, 2013 )


Today is my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. This is also the first time I'm not home to celebrate with them. Last new year's eve was also a first. We've always celebrated occasions together. Except things have changed, and we're no longer who we used to be- a family.
The decision was huge. The timing was ultimate. The consequences are rough. The acceptance is so far from reach.
So today, I have but only one hope- that from where I am and how they see it, they'd give a little room for forgiveness and some courage to accept.

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