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First Rain ( January 11, 2013 )


We've been living together for two weeks now, and tonight, the rain falls for the first time. He asked what I wanted for midnight snack. I said I wanted fries and coke float. When he came home, we ate, stood by the door, watched the rain, smoked and felt the first rain of so many more to come...

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Mornings ( January 10, 2013 )


I never thought mornings can be warmer, and sweeter. Now I don't only wake to my little boy's kisses and giggles, but also to the loving arms of our man. Thank you Lord for giving a new meaning to my mornings, our mornings...

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Intoxicating Truth about Life ( January 9, 2013 )


I don't need booze anymore when I get lonely, or when I'm in pain. All I need is wait..wait a little until he gets home and finally wrap his arms around me. I miss him more today than when we weren't living together. It gets lovelier each day, sweeter and more sensible. I must have gone through so much hell to deserve this heaven. Life is really full of humor. And tonight, I laugh with it.
You see life is the most intoxicating message of the world. It drives us groggy and crazy. It's never fair and all-fine. It knocks us out, and wastes us some more. It shows us the bitterest of all truths and the fruits of all lies. It defeats us. It mocks us. But it also teaches us how to fight back. And at the end of each day, we live and try. Sometimes, all we really need is someone to fight with us, to live and try until we can, and no longer can. Life is knowing we have so much to live for, something or someone.

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Too Soon ( January 8, 2013 )


I've waited more than two years to be with them, as a whole, trying to live a happy family life. I lost hope, patience and trust until I learned the courage to fight harder. It was indeed the longest two years of our lives. And now that we're finally here, how can we say or define the term "too soon"? I know it's beyond complicated, and that we need more than a miracle to get through this sweet hell.. But what if all it takes for us to actually get there is to do things right NOW?

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Back to Cooking! ( January 7, 2012 )


It feels like I haven't cooked in ages. For more than two years, I've been so caught up baby sitting my little boy that I don't have the time to do one of favorite things in the world- cooking. So today, I danced and sang in the kitchen as I chopped the veggies, prepared the pan and cooked my heart away. I loved the feeling. But the best part was serving my specialty dish to the reason I am cooking again.. :))

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