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Under the thinning roof of maybe's and too many unwritten promises of never ever, I miss you and I will miss you.

In silence, we kiss the distant places & put together the laughter, and the bucket of tears. We're hooked. We're chained. And we indulge in our ageless pains. We master our gift of never forgetting, and of always trying to remember. And all I could feel, is your smile. When you see me, and watch me and know that I am happy. And the depth of your breath, the sigh of hope and the lightness of your fear when I was in despair. Yes, we're not on the same road. We're wishing on different stars. And we are never going to be the same. But if this is where we stop dreaming our old dreams, then let's go back to sleep. Now and ever.

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Bottled Tears

Tonight, I got another drunken text message from her. For the first time, she wasn't furious. She wasn't rambling. There was no judgment, or mockery. But it was intense. And somehow, I find it ever so gentle and heart-breaking at the very same time. It was utterly sad. So it shot me right through and I couldn't recover from this weakness, and fondness of a love that is built to resist all kind of pain, and trouble. And sometimes, I feel the urge to apologize for being given the love I don't deserve.

Forgiveness is simple, and natural but the miracle of time, is too slow, patient and careful.

I can wait...

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Gift of Pain


Come quick, and rough..
Strike me, surprise me
And never give enough..
Quench my thirst for invincibility
Make it worse,
No less than even..
Amplify, and beat the broken..

Served well, deserved much..
Reverberate fear,
And a thousand more incredulity.
Rest unassailable,
Remain rigorous, and unforgiving..

And tomorrow, please forget my name..
Trust me with nothing and never leave me the same.
I guarantee your eternity..
I steer your longevity..

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My Euwy


Although his energy drains mine
From all the running, skipping..the unstoppable playing,
His laughter and glow drowns my weariness,
His youth and beauty, all too priceless.

Although he won't obey all the time,
And would tire himself crying for something he can't have..
His droopy eyes, and sincerest apologies..
Heals me. Soothes me. Surprises me.
And I begin to wonder again how he get to be so tiny and so witty.

And although I wasn't prepared when he came to my life,
And that I have learned so little, so fast..
I am forever thankful to have been given,
The most beautiful.
The smartest.
The sweetest.
The most active, and amazing.
My heart, my soul and my life..
My Angel, my gift and my life's biggest surprise..

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Blended Dreams and Frosted Wishes


Tiny glimmering spots, held on my palms
The sun has shone again, its blaze, cold and calm.
Waiting for the night to fall under,
So another yesterday will be over.

I still get the ugly dreams at sleep, and even when I'm awake.

So I get up and pour myself more coffee..
Out of the shivering storm inside me,
And off to the thoughts ever so cloudy..
I sometimes wish you were farther away, from me.

I light up a cig and pretend to breathe weakly
Delaying the heart beat, pushing the thin air far away, from me.
Getting so used to it,
Trying as much to outrun it.

And then I crash, and somehow you are not as felt as before.
This is not the way I wished for.

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